meet our team

Suchart Taechangam (Toh)
Director and Co-founder

With more than 18 years as an interior designer, Toh has started his career with C2 Studio and worked on various projects – condominiums, hotels, private residents, offices, showrooms and so on. In 2009 Toh co-founded a design firm called Monotello and overlooking interior department. Until the end of 2017 Toh and 3 of his friends have founded Otello Studio Co, Ltd. – a solely interior design firm. 

Thanisorn Poksawad (O)
Director and Co-founder

After graduating with a Bachelor of Interior Architecture from King Mongkut’s University of Technology Thonburi (KMUTT) the same year as Toh, O moved to New York, USA to get his masters degree at NYU (New York University). O worked in an interior design firm in Manhattan, NY for more than 10 years. With strong experience in corporate design and project management, O decided to move back to Thailand and co-found Otello Studio Co, Ltd.

Nikul Chongsiripipat (Liek)
Office Manager and Co-founder

Liek has started his career as a teaching assistant at architecture faculty in KMUTT. With his talent and interest in computer 3D rendering Liek had opportunities to work for several design firms as a 3D modeler. Liek has worked with Toh for more than 10 years and joined Toh at Monotello overlooking computer 3D rendering works. In 2017 Liek became a co-founder of Otello Studio Co, Ltd.

Teetas Mahapun (Ake)
Senior Project Manager and Co-founder

Ake earned his Bachelor of Architecture from Assumption University. Ake first met Toh at C2 Studio and worked on many projects together. Ake also came to work at Monotello with Toh as a project manager for the interior department. Ake has worked with Toh for more than 10 years and became one of the co-founders of Otello Studio Co, Ltd.

Orrapan Poomiin (Zoe)
Senior Interior Designer

Zoe graduated from the School of Arts at Bangkok University majoring in Interior Design. Zoe has worked with Toh since Monotello was founded. Zoe has done various types of projects from private residences, condominiums, hotels. Now as a senior interior designer at Otello Studio Co, Ltd. Zoe has improved her skills in many ways and has expertise in hi-ended hospitality & residential projects.

Pattarasuda Limploypipat (Pui)
Interior Designer

After graduating from Chanapatana International Design Institute, Pui started her job as an interior designer at Monotello working alongside Toh. Pui continues to improve on her home decoration skills and create many successful projects on private residents, condominiums, offices and so on. Pui also has some interest and becoming an expert on renovation projects.

Kanittha Puengsuk (Pang)
Interior Designer

Pang went to design school at Rajamangala University of Technology Thanyaburi. Pang has long experience in commercial & retail design at her first job at Tri Architect Co., Ltd. as a designer for KFC restaurant, Black Canyon restaurant, showrooms, government offices and many more. Pang joined Toh’s team at Monotello as an interior designer working on several restaurant designs. At Otello Studio Co, Ltd. Pang is responsible for retail and restaurant projects from design to project management.

Siwanard Siripanurak (Nam)
Interior Designer

Nam earned her Bachelor of Interior Architecture from Thammasat University. Nam has started off as an interior design freelancer before joining Monotello as a junior interior designer. She has developed her skills very quickly and become one of our key designers at Otello Studio Co, Ltd. Nam is able to work on various types of interior projects and always eager to learn new things.